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Public Economics for Business Leaders: Federal Policy (SEEK-470-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats


This course counts towards the following majors: Management & Strategy, and Social Enterprise and Managerial Economics.

Now known as KPPI-470-0

To be an effective business leader in today's complex world requires an understanding of the important public policy issues facing society. Managers need to understand society's problems and the range of possible public solutions and policies in order to know how to influence, incorporate and respond to public actions. This class will enable students to understand, analyze and take the perspective of government and non-government organizations as they attempt to alleviate societal problems. Topics include the interface of government and business, the justification for and principle methods of government intervention in the market place, the primary means of paying for government, measuring the costs and benefits of government policies, and current policy applications such as social security reform, education policy, health insurance and tax reform.

All Students: MECN-430-0

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