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Corporate Innovation & New Ventures (ENTR-903-0)
1.00 Credit
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Now known as KIEI-903-0

This course addresses the emerging practice of "corporate entrepreneurship," also called "intrapreneurship," broadly defined as the application of entrepreneurial capabilities to the development of new ventures within an existing firm. In this course, we will examine intrapreneurship from the perspective of corporate strategy; relate intrapreneurship to other functions such as corporate venturing, new product development (NPD), research and development (R&D) and corporate labs; examine entrepreneurship for clues to the successful practice of intrapreneurship; explore actual intrapreneurial ventures with practicing executives; and develop an “intrapreneurial toolset.” Although there are no textbooks required for this course, Peter Drucker’s "Innovation & Entrepreneurship" is recommended for context. All readings will be included in the course pack, including a summary article of Drucker’s book from the HBR.


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