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Service Operations (OPNS-482-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats

Services are playing an ever-increasing role in the American and world economies. Consequently, it is important for a manager to understand how services differ from manufacturing operations and how traditional operations' management techniques can be applied to services. (For example, how do insights from lean operations apply to service settings?) This course applies concepts from the core operations class, extending the discussion of managing variability and customer waits. The impact of priorities, pricing and employee staffing are considered in this setting. Additional topics include evaluation of service productivity, management of service quality and recovery, the impact of human resource policies and techniques for revenue management. The course examines service operations in healthcare, retail environments and airlines, among other settings.

Full-Time: (OPNS-430-0 OR OPNS-438-5 OR OPNS-438-A OR OPNS-438-B OR OPNS-440-0 OR OPNSM-430-0) AND (STRT-444-0 OR STRT-945-0)
E&W: (OPNS-430-0 OR OPNS-440-0)

Negative Requisites:
All Students: OPNS-980-0

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