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Practice-based Tools for Emerging Technology Markets (MORS-927-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats


For enterprises to capitalize on emerging opportunities increasingly requires managing volatility, uncertainty and multi-dimensional risks. Among key success determinants are the consequences of ongoing change in: technology; markets; global competition; economic, social and cultural condition. Companies must also effectively assess and address related internal strengths and vulnerabilities. Combined with an overload of potentially relevant data ("Big Data") along with knowledge gaps, these conditions challenge traditional quantitative analysis. Often-neglected but of growing competitive importance, the strategic management of product and service international standards, will be covered.

This course will equip students with an integrated set of tools evolved with industry that includes roadmapping, mindmapping and scenario planning, as well as predictive analytics. Senior representatives from IBM, Rockwell and other companies will present and support in project work. The tools and conditions are best understood through experience and the course will use a series of unfolding cases and exercises and include significant instructor support and discussion time for independent work fitting student interest.


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