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Psychological Theory in Consumer Behavior (MKTG-541-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats

This course builds a bridge from social and cognitive psychology to consumer behavior research. The objectives are to give an integrated overview of key psychological principles, which lays the foundations for understanding advanced readings and for developing consumer research out of psychological theory, and learn about the nature of theory construction and theory testing by means of experiments. The course will move from classic psychology readings to cover more recent consumer behavior readings and the type of research questions studied in consumer research. Topics covered include perception, judgment, memory, attitudes, choice, always with an eye for how these mental functions influence preferences.


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Academic Year Term   Course ID Title Sec ID   Credits Syl Instructor Times Campus Location Mand 1st Exam
2014-2015 Fall 2014 MKTG-541-0 Psychological Theory in Consumer Behavior ( formerly MKTG-520-2) 21 1 Brendl, C. Miguel Tue 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Evanston Jacobs (488) Y