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Product Management for Technology Companies: An Entrepreneurial Perspective (ENTR-930-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats


Now known as KIEI-932-0

Product Managers are responsible for identifying unmet customer needs, orchestrating the development of products and solutions to address these needs, bringing new products to market and managing products as a business. In a technology startup, the Product Manager is typically a Founder. In mid-sized and large technology firms, the Product Manager is a middle manager who needs to manage products as a business. Product Management is a distinct discipline that will benefit Kellogg students who want to become technology entrepreneurs or students who are recruited by established technology companies for product management roles. This course equips students with the frameworks, tools and direct experience to become effective technology product managers. Students will gain hands-on experience via an industry-sponsored project and targeted cases—including several cases developed specifically for this course.


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