Design Lab (MKTG-945-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats


This course counts toward the following majors: Marketing

A special course available to all Kellogg students will be offered in the Winter quarter of this year. The course covers the intersection of design and marketing. It looks at how design and design thinking can be incorporated into marketing thinking. The course has a special format. Three professors from the marketing department will lead the course- Professors Brendl, Calder, and Roese- as well as Steven Dupuis who is a Clinical Professor and the President of a leading design firm. Designers from several other design firms located in Chicago will participate on an ongoing basis as well. The format of the course will be experiential. Students, professors, and design professionals will work on a design project from the inception of a creative concept to complete design implementation. The project is based on the premise of creating a new type of outside-the-home movie watching experience. In addition to providing a valuable learning experience for students interested in design, the course is also intended to provide a vehicle for determining how to incorporate design into the Kellogg curriculum better in the future. Enrollment in the course will be restricted due to the experiential and interactive learning format. One goal is also to find ways of involving members to the Design Club in the project on an at-large basis. Note: This course may not be dropped after the second week of the quarter.


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