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Innovation Lab II (ENTR-941-0)
1.00 Credit
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Now known as KIEI-942-0

Second part of the Innovation Lab sequence. This new experiential course is targeted to students who have business concepts that they would like to launch and that do not fit the industry sectors integrated in the existing NUvention courses (energy, web/mobile, medical, nano or social impact). The class will use the Lean Launchpad methodology and tailor the instruction to the characteristics of industries represented in the class such as consumer products & services. A significant portion of the workload for this course will occur outside of the classroom. Students must be prepared to test and validate their business model hypotheses by engaging with potential customers and industry experts. Within the classroom, students will be encouraged to share learning experiences and help other student teams. The course work will be supplemented by guest speakers who are experts in specific industries as well functional areas related to the business model canvas. In addition, students will have access to a pool of alumni and local mentors who can assist in the development of their businesses. The Innovation Lab is a two quarter course. The winter quarter will focus on Customer Discovery and Validation and the spring quarter on Customer Creation and Company Building. Students and student teams need to apply to participate in the course by November 1st through an on-line application process. Student teams can be composed of students from other parts of the university, but at least one member of the team must be enrolled at Kellogg. Students will be notified of their acceptance into the course before the start of winter quarter bidding. At the end of the winter quarter, students will be evaluated on their progress to determine if they will be accepted into the spring quarter. 1 credit per quarter.


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