Solving Business Challenges (MKTG-944-A)
0.50 Credit
TCE BidStats

Organizations (for-profit, non-profit, start-ups) seek evidence-based marketing strategies that will increase their competitive advantage leading to growth and sustainability. The Solving Business Challenges course is a collaboration with a real organization facing these issues. A group of diverse organizations are carefully recruited and their project concept vetted allowing teams to tackle the issues upon the start of the quarter. The student and faculty will identify the appropriate methodology and project plan. While the final client presentation will occur at the end of the quarter, the analyses and marketing strategy development will be managed to the five week session. Potential client/project opportunities include, but are not limited to: global market opportunities for small businesses; retailer transformational strategies; innovation strategies for non-profits facing unanticipated customer attitudinal shifts. The project may be the first phase of multi-phase process; meaning the outcome will become an input into the following phases.


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