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Venture Capital and Private Equity: The Human Element (KIEI-926-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats

This advanced course in private equity focuses on the many interpersonal issues facing the professional investor. Individual psychology and group behavior play a critical role in determining the ultimate success or failure of an investment, yet the human element is often mismanaged or overlooked in favor of financial analysis and market studies. A major portion of this course covers the relationship between the investor and the entrepreneur after the initial financing - motivation and compensation, the role of the board of directors, performance evaluation and accountability. Additional topics include fund-raising, deal negotiation and due diligence investigation. This course is designed for students who are seriously considering a career in the private equity business or who desire a deeper understanding of the investor/entrepreneur relationship. The course builds on the fundamental skills of deal analysis, valuation and negotiation, which are taught with a quantitative emphasis in other private equity or venture capital courses offered at the Kellogg School.

Negative Requisites:
All Students: ENTR-926-0

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