Advanced Business Strategy (STRT-943-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats


**This course was formerly known as MGMT-943**

This course is targeted at students who see competitive strategy as important in their post business school careers. It applies advanced ideas from economics toward informing critical decisions that firms face, including which industries to enter and exit, what parts of value chains to participate in, how to shape an industry's competitive environment in a beneficial manner, and how to shape the firm's internal organization to fit its competitive context.

Along with reinforcing and extending ideas introduced in STRT-431 and other courses, the course will teach and utilize ideas toward informing strategies in contexts that are analytically more complex, such as contexts where dynamics, network externalities, and incentives are important. The course will do so both through traditional lectures and case discussions, as well as through "workshop" sessions that help students through key steps in the development and communication of strategic analysis.


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