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Managing Enterprise Risk (KIEI-901-5)
0.50 Credit
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This course was formerly known as KIEI 901-A
This elective course examines the domain of enterprise risks and how they are managed, monitored, measured and mitigated in leading organizations in a variety of industries. Typically, these risks are unlikely to occur, but very high negative pay-offs such as natural and man-made calamities, managerial dysfunction, major reputational impairment, and disruptive technological advances that render products obsolete. Enterprise risks are normally not amenable to hedging or insurance via capital markets, and mitigation therefore involves decisions that increase operating costs, or even terminate certain business activities. The course is divided into ten sessions (five class meetings), the first and last of which provide an introductory framework and a concluding synthesis. The intervening eight sessions feature speakers from industry and academe with a range of perspectives on particular types of enterprise risk. Students will be expected to attend each class having read assigned readings and prepared to engage with presenters. Students also will be expected to submit a pre-approved, group-prepared teaching case based on an experience involving enterprise risk.

Negative Requisites:
All Students: ENTR-901-A OR KIEI-901-A

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