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Decision Making Under Uncertainty (DECS-433-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats


This course counts toward the following majors: Decision Sciences.

Provides frameworks for reasoning about decisions in uncertain environments. Case studies and experiments are used to motivate the importance of probabilistic reasoning to avoid the systematic biases that cloud managers' decision making. Formal probabilistic tools are introduced and their relevance to modern business issues is conveyed via cases, exercises, and class experiments. Some of the applications include: inventory management with uncertain demand, principal-agent models, herd behavior, selection bias, rare events, real options and risk. The course is self-contained, and should be of value to all students, including those with prior exposure to formal probability models.

Negative Requisites:
Full-Time: DECS-430-5 OR DECS-430-A OR DECS-430-B OR DECS-450-0
E&W: DECS-430-5 OR DECS-430-A OR DECS-430-B OR DECS-450-0 OR MECN-451-0

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