Consumer Insight Tools (MKTG-452-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats

Uncovering insights about customers is essential for developing products and services that deliver value to the customer and generate profit for the organization. Many firms spend millions of dollars on market research without creating actionable insight into the motivations and needs of target customers. Building a marketing strategy based upon deep customer insight can give a firm a powerful competitive advantage. This course focuses heavily on the qualitative tools that marketers use to uncover deep customer insights: observation, ethnography, depth interviews using projective techniques, group sessions and archetype research. Qualitative tools used in B to B markets, such as customer visit programs and customer advisory panels, are also covered. Students will have the opportunity to apply many of these tools during the course. Students seeking the Marketing Management major will find it useful to take this course concurrently with Models of Consumer Behavior (MKTG-458-0).


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