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Negotiations (MORS-470-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats

This course is designed to provide both the fundamentals of negotiation strategy, as well as a broad application of these fundamentals to advanced topics. The goal is to improve students' skills in all phases of negotiation: understanding prescriptive and descriptive negotiation theory as it applies to dyadic and multiparty negotiations, to buyer-seller transactions and the resolution of disputes, to the development of negotiation strategy and to the management of integrative and distributive aspects of the negotiation process. The course is based on a series of simulated negotiations in a variety of contexts including one-on-one, multi-party, cross-cultural, third-party and team negotiations. There is an attendance policy.

Full-Time: (MORS-430-0 OR MORSM-430-0)
E&W: MORS-430-0

Negative Requisites:
All Students: INTL-474-0 OR MORS-472-5 OR MORS-472-A OR MORS-472-B OR MORS-474-0 OR MORS-960-C

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Academic Year Term   Session Course ID Title Sec ID   Credits Syl Instructor Times Campus Location Mand 1st Exam
2017-2018 Winter 2018 10 Weeks MORS-470-0 Negotiations 61 1 Medvec, Victoria Mon/Thu 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Evanston Global Hub (L120) N Confirm final deliverables with professor and syllabus.
2017-2018 Winter 2018 10 Weeks MORS-470-0 Negotiations 70 1 Medvec, Victoria Mon 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Chicago Wieboldt (247) N