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Strategies, Structures and Tools for Sustaining Innovation (MORS-926-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats


In this course, "sustainable" innovation includes but goes beyond "green" issues and compliance with environmental and corporate social responsibility edicts to consider a wide range of potential threats to the success of an innovation. Leading firms recognize that traditional innovation approaches are insufficient to meet the complexity of emerging strategic and organizational challenges in today's quick-moving and interconnected global market. New perspectives and alliances, as well as the redefinition of core competencies, are required. But along with the pressures, the market also offers new opportunities for innovation. Competitive potential comes from new and converging technologies, emerging international social and economic development contexts, changing outsourcing and competitive behavior in services and manufacturing fields, broadened domain definition and enhanced stakeholder identification and interaction.

Students in this practice-oriented course are introduced to key decision tools and apply them to case analyses and team-based projects. The class also assesses interrelated and underlying economic, developmental, historical, social and cultural-anthropological factors, with examples drawn from around the globe.

This course may be used to satisfy the MORS major and also the sustainable design requirement of the Master of Science in Engineering Design and Innovation.


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