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Case Studies in Venture Investment (FINC-471-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats

This course is aimed at students who are considering a career in the entrepreneurial sector, including those who wish to start new ventures, join new and growing organizations, or to work in private equity, venture capital or business development.

The class is based on a series of cases that focus on the venture capital investment process, evaluation of business ventures and the subsequent management of such ventures. The primary perspective is that of the venture capitalist in assembling and evaluating information, preparing forecasts, assessing risks, developing and negotiating investment structure and terms, and deciding whether to invest. Cases also focus on management and financial problems and policy issues, and the relationship between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. The secondary perspective is that of the entrepreneur and the techniques and skills employed in managing growing enterprises. The course will revolve around student discussion and analysis of real-life business plans, with participation of the involved venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

Note: The course will consist of three lecture sessions and six to seven case sessions. Please note that case sessions will likely run 3.5-4 hours, whereas lecture sessions will be likely run shorter (the total academic hours will remain 30). Students will receive an exact schedule prior to the start of the quarter.

FINC-445 is a prerequisite for this course, but they may be taken concurrently.

All Students: FINC-445-0

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