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International Healthcare Systems (KPPI-442-0)
1.00 Credit
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Healthcare businesses, whether pharmaceutical or biotech companies, medical product manufacturers or healthcare systems, must all deal with the same fundamental principles. These principles evolve from a choice of the trade-offs among cost, quality, and access to care. International healthcare systems also make decisions based on these trade-offs.

This course covers basic topics common to all healthcare systems and focuses on countries of particular interest to students. The instructor will present principles common to all systems as well as specifics of the U.S. market (the world's largest). Students will research and present perspectives of other countries. By studying what works, what doesn't, and why, students will be able to draw valuable lessons about the transportability and applicability of best practices across international systems. This course will cover such topics as technology assessment, financing, quality improvement, managed care principles and healthcare policy.

Students who are interested primarily in the U.S. market should take HEMA-440 (Healthcare Systems). Students may take either HEMA-440 or KPPI-442 for full credit. This course also satisfies an elective requirement for the International Business Major.

Negative Requisites:
All Students: INTL-442-0

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