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Medical Technologies in Developing Countries II (KPPI-973-A)
0.50 Credit
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The Medical Technologies in Developing Countries course provides students the unique opportunity to inform the design and launch of medical technologies for developing countries by conducting in-country market research. The students’ findings will be shared with the developers of the medical technologies, including Northwestern University and several companies and philanthropists.

Prior market research trips have taken place in India, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia, each with a focus on medical technologies such as HIV tests, tuberculosis tests, and mobile health technologies for pediatric health. The full course consists of two sub-courses, KPPI-973-B and KPPI-973-A, as well as two weeks of in-country field work.

Students will spend five weeks in the classroom (KPPI-973-B) learning the science of HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and other high-burden diseases; the background on medical technologies under development for these markets; the essentials for conducting medical product market research in these geographies; the basic economics, culture, and politics of the country of interest; and the fundamentals of the country’s healthcare system. Following this initial coursework, students will spend two weeks on the ground understanding how the medical technologies are perceived by the key stakeholders in the market, including: end-users at hospitals and clinics, government officials, and NGOs and distributors. After the field work, students will then return for five weeks in the classroom (KPPI-973-A) where they will learn to analyze their field work, synthesize key findings and provide recommendations to the developers of these medical technologies. Note: Students must have completed KPPI-973-B to enroll into this class. Students may not drop after the first week of the quarter.

All Students: KPPI-973-B

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Academic Year Term   Course ID Title Sec ID   Credits Syl Instructor Times Campus Location Mand 1st Exam
2014-2015 Spring 2015 KPPI-973-A Medical Technologies in Developing Countries II 81 0.50 Palamountain, Kara Wed 03:00 PM - 06:00 PM Evanston Jacobs (G44) N