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International Business Strategy Lab (IBS-Lab) (INTL-916-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats

The International Business Strategy Lab (IBS-Lab) provides students a unique opportunity to work with international companies on a one-to-one basis to solve a pressing strategic challenge in the global context. This ten-week experiential learning course blends traditional classroom learning with real-world problem solving and client service through a formal consulting engagement. Working closely with the professor, teams of four (or 5 max) students work directly with the client in their home country, using virtual technologies such as Skype and online tools, to cultivate a client relationship and agree upon consulting deliverables they develop with their client. Students will work independently to conduct research, analysis, and interviews in line with the client approved work plan. After a mid-term progress review and sharing preliminary findings with the professor, the teams will spend the final two weeks completing their research, presenting final recommendations, and working with client management to transfer plans. Final projects will be presented at the CEO Showcase, during which our clients are invited to Evanston to attend with the leadership of all participating companies. In all cases, the students and faculty maintain strict confidentiality with proprietary client information and are prepared to sign a non-disclosure agreement if requested. Registration by Application Only.


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