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Entrepreneurial Tools for Digital Marketing (MKTG-961-5)
0.50 Credit
TCE BidStats

This course was formerly known as MKTG 961-A/MKTG 961-B
In this course, we discuss the strategies and tactics smart startups use to get traction online. You will learn dozens of strategies for acquiring new customers and when to use them, what matters when optimizing your site for search engines, how to get early PR, how to leverage social media to build your brand, how to use paid channels to drive growth at scale, how to optimize your site so customers are compelled to take action, how to maximize your retention rate, how to architect a referral loop that works, what data to focus on and what to ignore, and much more. Plan on fast-paced lectures and hands-on group project work.

All Students: (MKTG-430-0 OR MKTGM-430-0)

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