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VC Experience (FINC-916-5)
0.50 Credit
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This course was formerly known as FINC 916-A/FINC 916-B
Early stage equity financing is continually evolving. Although the basic frameworks and business models are essentially the same, the actual terms and structures change with economic and technology environments. This course will focus on the evolving nuances of the VC industry by incorporating projects with local VC portfolio companies of local VCs and involving students in cases based on current VC transactions. This course builds on the foundation of FINC 445 by adding practical applications and experiential learning. This is particularly valuable to students who want to specialize in this industry, because Venture Capital is about pattern recognition. The course is taught by the lead partner at Lightbank and targets MBA students who want a deeper understanding of how to approach/interact/engage with VC's both from an entrepreneur's fundraising standpoint, as well as a prospective trying to break into the venture industry.

All Students: (FINC-440-0 OR FINC-431-0 OR FINC-441-0) AND FINC-445-0

Negative Requisites:
All Students: FINC-916-A OR FINC-916-B

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