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Business Opportunities in Energy Markets (KPPI-915-5)
0.50 Credit
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**This course was formerly known as KPPI 915-A

Energy markets are among the hottest of the world economy, and this is likely to remain true in the near future. New technologies, new business models and surprising developments (as the huge reserves made available because of hydraulic fracturing in the US) are fast changing the business landscape and creating new business opportunities. This course will offer an overview of energy markets and will discuss the many opportunities in different sectors. We will cover oil & gas and electricity markets, and will also discuss energy finance and market disruptions.

Professionals with extensive experience in their sectors will deliver the five lectures of this half-credit course. These lecturers include two former Exxon Mobil executives who helped the world's largest energy company estimate global energy needs through the production of the "Annual Energy Outlook"; the President of Edison International, the second largest utility in America; a board member of two large solar companies - SoCore Energy and Clean Power Finance; and an energy finance expert.


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