Consumers, Culture & Strategy (MKTG-918-5)
0.50 Credit
TCE BidStats

The success of every organization depends on its ability to attract and retain customers. Traditionally, firms have done so by seeking to understand and respond to customers. Firms that meet customers needs best gain competitive advantage. Legendary firms such as Toyota and Unilever thrived using this market-driven approach. Rejecting this approach, firms such as Apple and Starbucks embrace a market-driving approach. Drawing on their organization's culture, these firms compete to gain influence over consumers. Firms that win influence shape consumer thinking and achieve success that competitors struggle to imitate. In this course, we will explore the many different ways in which firms win this battle for influence. Our classes will focus on discussions of concepts, examples and cases. Students will be responsible for developing individual recommendations prior to case discussions, one written group case analysis, and the course will have an individual final exam.

All Students: (MKTG-430-0 OR MKTGM-430-0)

Negative Requisites:
All Students: MKTG-918-0

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