Thought Leadership Seminar (MECN-484-5)
0.50 Credit
TCE BidStats

Objective: This thought leadership seminar is designed to facilitate an in-depth exploration of issues facing developing countries, which typically have worse institutions and more violent histories than rich countries. After an introduction about some key differences between rich and poor countries today, we will discuss the determinants and consequences of foreign aid, famine, conflict, democracy and economic growth. Each session will focus on a distinct topic to allow for a comprehensive, yet focused and digestible discussion of the subject matter from both a micro and a macro perspective. The course will discuss cross-country comparisons as well as focus on specific geographic areas such as China.

Format: This seminar consists of lectures, class discussions and group assignments. Source materials will include a combination of first-hand case studies, recent academic and policy research. Students will also be asked - in groups - to lead a discussion/debate on the most important and controversial development policy questions today. They will write a corresponding short opinion / editorial piece and write and present a focused paper in one of the sessions´ topic areas.

Requirements: Prior exposure to statistics/econometrics and micro economics. Interest in economic and institutional development. A high level of preparedness and participation is essential to ensure that the seminar is a rewarding experience for all participants.


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