Economic Theory II: Advanced Topics in Game Theory (MECS-550-2)
1.00 Credit
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This course deeply covers a current research area in game theory with recent, fruitful developments. Besides covering the topic, the course provides students perspective over an entire subliterature. Students see how a field developed over time, consider alternative development options, and learn what early work influenced followup research. Instructors focus on topics for which they have expertise and active research.


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Academic Year Term   Session Course ID Title Sec ID   Credits Syl Instructor Times Campus Location Mand 1st Exam
2019-2020 Spring 2020 10 Weeks MECS-550-2 Economic Theory II: Advanced Topics in Game Theory 21 1 Mollner, Joshua James; Schummer, James Tue 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM Evanston Global Hub (4130) N