The Business of Social Change (KPPI-957-0)
1.00 Credit
TCE BidStats

This course is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge to influence and lead social impact in business and impact contexts. By the conclusion of this course, each student should have a robust toolbox of frameworks and concepts inherent to social impact and social change. Tools like approaches to funding impact, scaling programs and interventions, public-private partnerships, corporate engagement, impact investment decision-making and theories of change will serve students well in future experiences in corporate leadership, consulting, board and pro bono service, social impact leadership, social entrepreneurship and beyond. Throughout the course, we will touch on singular social issue through which to learn and test social impact frameworks and concepts. Guest speakers from companies and organizations will provide students with insights from many angles, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise into the classroom. The Business of Social Change will be new and improved in 2018, based on the successes and learnings from its debut year in 2017.


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