Mastering Marketing Technologies (MKTG-954-5)
0.50 Credit
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In recent years, the use of marketing technologies has mushroomed. More than 1000 vendors offer applications such as campaign management, marketing resource management, marketing analytics, and content marketing. Some organizations have deployed these technologies elegantly, allowing them to dramatically improve marketing effectiveness, while creating compelling customer experiences based on deep insights and robust personalization capabilities. Others have struggled to realize the value of their marketing technology investments. Marketing executives face a multitude of tough choices and challenges when it comes to marketing technology, including: • Building the right organizational capabilities • Driving adoption and value realization • Focusing marketing technology investments on the highest-payoff applications • Integrating offerings from multiple vendors • Leveraging customer, marketing, and third-party data, while managing privacy, security, and regulatory concerns • Selecting the right platforms/vendors • Sequencing the deployment of various marketing technologies This course is designed to help students understand the marketing technology landscape and equip them with the knowledge and frameworks to select, implement, and leverage marketing technologies.


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