Decision-Making for Sustainable Business (KPPI-947-5)
0.50 Credit
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The role of business in society is changing with increasing expectations that business will deliver value not just to shareholders, but also to multiple other stakeholders, whilst taking care of and respecting the environment. Corporate management and reporting systems are now required to keep pace with these changing expectations, and corporate Boards need the tools and frameworks to make decisions that take these competing demands in to account. This 5-week course will explore the challenges the C-Suite and the Board Room face in meeting sustainable business expectations and introduce the emerging tools and frameworks available to enable them to manage and report their progress in the 21st century. Through lectures, case studies and simulated situations, students will learn practical tools and frameworks used by business to understand their role in society, how they measure and report impact, how they align their strategy with government policy (through the Sustainable Development Goals) and how to formulate a business case for transformational and sustainable practices.


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Academic Year Term   Session Course ID Title Sec ID   Credits Syl Instructor Times Campus Location Mand 1st Exam
2019-2020 Spring 2020 1st Five Weeks KPPI-947-5 Decision-Making for Sustainable Business 41 0.50 Preston, Malcolm Hunter Wed 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM Evanston Global Hub (L110) N Confirm with professor and syllabus.