Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition (ENTR-905-5)
0.50 Credit
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There are many paths to entrepreneurship, and one of those paths is through the acquisition of an existing company. This course will highlight aspects of strategy, finance, organizational behavior, marketing and other business disciplines through the context of acquiring and owning a small business. The course will outline pathways to entrepreneurship through acquisition, including search fund, independent sponsor, or through a CEO-in-Training program at a PE firm or a family business. The end goal is ownership of a company in the near future. The course is organized into sections that summarize the experience of entrepreneurs through distinct phases, including raising capital, the search process and deal structure. These classes augment existing FINC courses. Core focus points of the course include due diligence of a particular business, the post-closing transition process and how to create stakeholder value. The course uses several case studies as well as guest speakers who have completed search funds and acquired companies, investors and search fund experts.

Negative Requisites:
All Students: KIEI-905-5

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Academic Year Term   Session Course ID Title Sec ID   Credits Syl Instructor Times Campus Location Mand 1st Exam
2021-2022 Fall 2021 1st Five Weeks ENTR-905-5 Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition 91 0.50 Littell, Matthew Eugene Wed 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM Online TBD (Room TBA) N
2021-2022 Winter 2022 2nd Five Weeks ENTR-905-5 Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition 41 0.50 Schneider, Alexander Kan Wed 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM Evanston Global Hub (1110) N Confirm with professor and syllabus.